Prayer & Scripture

Scripture can, of course, be a great inspiration for prayer. But it’s hard to just grab your Bible & find something that feels meaningful to you & your life at the moment.

So how to do find verses to use for prayer & meditation?

Fortunately, is there to help. Just go to their site & type in a word or to about anything that is on your mind & you will find a wealth of scripture custom made for your daily reading.

Once you have found a verse or verses that inspire you, take a moment to think about what that verse means to you, personally, right now & what it means to the world. Often you will find that this short meditation leads to prayer, either in gratitude, or perhaps in questions raised by the scripture.

Also, when you have found a passage that seems particularly meaningful to you online, pull out your Bible and read what came before & what follows that verse. Reading the verse in a great context can help you to understand it better & lead to further inquiry.

Occasionally, a verse may lead to an ongoing secession of prayers & take you to unexpected places.

You may want to note your favorite verses in a journal as well, or even make yourself custom inspirational posters.

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