Asking Questions in Prayer

Of course The Lord has all the answers… but sometimes we seem to forget that when praying.

When you set down to pray, but don’t have an idea what to pray about, questions can be the answer!

The questions may be small or large. They may be personal, or they may involved the whole world. They may be about why something happened or didn’t happen or just an curiosity about how things work. They may be tough questions or silly questions — as your teacher says, no question is too large or too small. All of your questions are important & every question can be answered.

But don’t bombard your questions all at once — God can handle it, but you’ll be confused & may miss the answers, so ask a question, then give some time for the answer to be given to you. This is a good time to let your mind wander, but on a leash… that is, allow your mind to go beyond just the question itself into the meaning of the question. What does it mean to you? What does it mean to other people? How will your life change when you have the answer?

You may want to keep a journal of questions that you want to ask & then add the answers as they are given. This can lead to deeper understand & deeper prayer.

And, of course, always that God for the questions & answers both. Your mind & the ability to wonder about things is His great gift to you.

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