Suggestions for Prayer

We know that youth sometimes have a hard time when they set down to pray (& some of us old folks too). What do you pray about? How do you know what is a good prayer?

Well, we all know that there is no right or wrong to prayer. Every prayer is hear & every prayer is perfect in the eyes of out loving Father… but heck, sometimes you sit down & your mind is just blank.

Here’s a suggestion that we’ve found useful. Well bring you some others over the next few days (after praying on it, of course).

What did you do last week? Last month? Even just yesterday?

As you’re remembering, think about what you were grateful for. Think over any blessings that you may have received & appreciate all that you have been given.

Then think about the times that were difficult. Times when things weren’t right. Times when you struggled. Think about how those times are affecting you right now. Then let go. Know that this too is part of God’s plan & that he will never let you down, no matter how hard it is to see that in the moment.

If your struggles were resolved, think about the resolution & how things worked out, even when you were sure that they wouldn’t.

If you’re still having problems, ask The Lord for his help & it will be forthcoming. Sometimes all it takes is a moment of peace & a humble heart to solve even the most difficult situations.

Then think again on all those times that you were blessed. The things that went right. The unexpected gifts. Thank God for these gifts, for all that you have been given. Resolve to let His wisdom & power into your life as you go forward in the days & weeks ahead.

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