What Did Jesus Eat?

History is a fascinating subject; not just the wars & revolutions, but also how the everyday (& in this case very special) people lived their lives.

We recently wondered, what did Jesus eat? We’re fairly lucky in that we have extensive records from the times of the Romans & guidelines such as the prohibitions in Leviticus to help us understand how the Hebrews of Jesus’ time prepared their meals.

Almost certainly, the diet was more plant based, since meat was a premium food, &, of course, no pork or shellfish for the people of God. We can speculate that The Lord enjoyed whole grains, beans & lentils, most certainly dates & figs & fresh fruits, plus nuts & fish, &, of course, wine. Since Jesus & his disciples were constantly traveling to spread The Word, it is likely that much of their food was eaten raw. All in all, a healthy diet that we would do well do emulate — just another, albeit unconventional, way to follow the Savior.

There is even a popular diet book & accompanying cookbook on the subject. So if you’d like to know more, we recommend, What Would Jesus Eat?: The Ultimate Program for Eating Well, Feeling Great, and Living Longer and, if you want to put it all into practice, the accompanying cookbook, The What Would Jesus Eat Cookbook.


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