The Bible, Disability, and the Church

Our experience with the wonderful Able Ministries caused to to delve deeper into how we, as Christians, can help the disabled in our communities to come closer to God.

In our personal research, we can across this fascinating book: The Bible, Disability, and the Church: A New Vision of the People of God.

Z_191×264_pixelsThe author, Amos Yong, comes from a place of personal experience, since his younger brother has Down syndrome. This practical knowledge has allowed him to see the disabled in a new light, not as a negative, but as the gift they are, to themselves & to others.

The book is readable & informative, drawing on scripture as appropriate to the discussion. It’s not exactly light summer reading, but it is informative & we found Professor Yong’s insights a surprise & a delight.

If you would like to know more about Dr. Yong, please click here.

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