The Baby Hui Helps Parents

For those new parents — whether you are having your first or adding to a growing family, the Baby Hui has information & resources to help.

Their blog posts even include Hawaiian foods for your baby.

An excerpt:

“Hawaii’s a great place to raise children but it’s hard to know what’s okay to feed them. We eat a lot of different foods here than on the mainland so figuring out when to start baby on what is tough. We’ve got a guide for you so set that alarm and get out to your local farmer’s market: babies love these foods!
Mangoes: Nothing’s better than a pureed mango to a baby so sweet and flavorful! The good news is that they’re readily available and you can get organic ones all across this great state.
King’s Hawaiian: Hawaiian bread is special – it’s made with Poi – and that’s a great way to get some extra fiber into your baby’s diet. It’s purple, too, so that’s a great way to get them to eat it from the get go!
Coconut Milk: Babies love milk and though coconut milk isn’t as high fat as some of its counterparts it’s a great way to get some extra fruit into your baby’s meals. Try it with their dry cereal or just spoon to them like regular baby food.”

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