What’s New… Coconut Marketplace Jojo’s & Chicken in a Barrel celebrate ONE YEAR of service!

The past year for Makanalani has been very busy!!

The first week of November celebrated one year that Jojo’s and Chicken in a Barrel have been open in Coconut Marketplace. Many employees, tourists, locals, and keiki have been blessed by these shops. It is so fun for those on island to enjoy yummy treats and delicious BBQ all while making a difference from the profits of their meals, as they support keeping the Makanalani camps FREE!

Meet the Managers!

Josh and Ariel are the Chicken in a Barrel shop manager and assistant manager. They both work endlessly to make sure the shop is always in tip top shape for their customers. Their work ethic is so contagious to their employees, which makes for a fun and effective working environment!

Megan and Jess are the Jojo’s shop manager and assistant manager. They both helped prepare the shop to open one year ago, before becoming official employees. They have invested a lot of time and energy to serve delicious treats to tourists and locals who come by regularly. We appreciate their time of service, and we are excited to see what the next year has in store, especially as we move closer to our busy time of tourism on island. 🙂

Our Mission: Giving children the seeds for growth as they experience the beauty of God’s creation and love.

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