We host youth groups, usually affiliated with churches or youth-oriented organizations, and we provide support services as needed at no charge. We like to reach youth who have less opportunity to attend a camp. Contact us for dates that you would like to visit.

We also hold our own Makanalani youth camps, with the help of interns, at which we cover expenses for all food and outings for the campers. We also provide transport for our campers on Kauai, but we do not cover travel costs to get to Kauai. Contact us for Makanalani camp dates.

Mainland youth groups: There are many weeks where some mainland schools are on break but Hawaiian schools are not. If you can get your group to Makanalani during those times, we will make the facility available at no charge. We are currently not able to assist with air travel costs. Let us know what dates might work for you.

Our mission and heart is for the youth. We know that there are many other worthwhile causes out there, but we have chosen youth and their growth as the focus for Makanalani and give priority to those needs above all others.