All ages have fun at Makanalani, Kauai, Hawaii


We believe that it takes a village to raise a child. Working together with local churches, families, individuals and other organizations, we can make a much more meaningful camp experience. These partnerships are essential as we create and shape our program to educate young people. These indispensable relationships allow us to listen intently and weigh the many perspectives, needs and ideas.

group photo of campers at Makanalani, Kauai, Hawaii

Formative Experiences

We believe that the time spent at Makanalani Ranch will have a lasting impression on each person and that through these formative experiences their lives will be forever changed. This will be a time of shared experiences, group activities, fun challenges, laughter, tears and learning. Friendships will be made and memories will be created. When they leave, they will take with them the prevailing sense that they are part of a larger loving family, and that they have been uniquely freed to live a life of boundless possibilities.

the house & grounds at Makanalani, Kauai, Hawaii


Mountain views and Green Pastures offer Sanctuary & Solitude.
This unique property with its mountain views and green pastures offers an environment that allows people to hear and see God better. Having a chance to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of life allows for a time of connecting with nature and experiencing the breathtaking beauty of God’s creation.

happy campers at Makanalani, Kauai, Hawaii


We hope that each person that spends time at Makanalani Kid’s House (or Makanalani Ranch) will leave feeling that they have come “home”. A place that felt familiar, comfortable, and loving. We want our guests to feel that they have been part of a community, were able to share experiences together, and had an opportunity to enjoy fun times so that they can keep those special memories in their heart for years to come.

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