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Makanalani a dream come true joy in nature God's great gift

Mission Statement

Makanalani’s mission is to enable children with few opportunities to have a free holiday in a tropical environment and to experience God’s love and the love of others. Through this life-changing experience they will see that there can be much more to life than the circumstances in which they live, and they will go home with the seeds of their future growth and new hope for life.

It has taken many years to achieve this dream.We are finally now able to open our home and share our lives with these children. How did this dream become a reality? More than ten years ago Lyn accompanied a friend to Kauai and they spent fabulous days exploring the island. It was her first visit to Kauai and she knew that it would not be her last. The magnificent scenery and the aloha spirit of the people on Kauai stole her heart. She had always wanted to have a place where she could bring disadvantaged children together and offer them a free week away. It was to be set in an environment where they could experience life in a different way from their current situation, and in that way they would come to see that life could be different. Never had we dreamed that this would be in Kauai, but after her visit Lyn realized that this would be the perfect spot.

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In 2005 we purchased 130 acres on the north shore and started the process of developing the land. Several years have come and gone but the 130 acres now has a large barn, an agriculture processing building and a home. It also has a water well and solar power for the whole property, and the property operates completely off the grid. We have fenced the property, added roads and bridges, and planted hundreds of fruit and hard wood trees. Mini donkeys now live happily together with a growing flock of sheep that we brought to Kauai from Arkansas, and dairy cows have been introduced. We have worked hard to develop the farm and protect the land.

Offering children a chance to spend some time on a working farm where they can learn about the land, harvest fruit and vegetables, watch the shepherd with the sheep and feed the miniature donkeys is a great way to create opportunities for these children to grow and learn. Teaching them to be good stewards of the land will also give them a greater appreciation of the need to protect and respect the resources that we have. This opportunity will bring them into an environment that offers an abundance of new experiences and will allow them to try things first hand and help them develop skills that will be useful later on in life. Each child is unique and special and we want them to know that God loves them. Just as they will have the opportunity to plant seeds in a vegetable garden and pick the produce to eat, our hope is that the time that they spend in this environment will plant the seeds for their future growth.

Educating youth about agriculture is extremely important to us.