Our interns have reached the half way point of the program, and they have accomplished so much in service to the community of Kauai! Here is a snapshot of what they have achieved from one side of the island to the other.

In the first six weeks of service our Interns have been a huge help to the entire Makanalani family. They have been involved in gardening that has helped cultivate the Nakeila tea company, picking and harvesting the orchards, and tending to the landscape of the 130 acres of Makanalani ranch.

After all that they’ve still had the energy to contribute to renovations of JoJo’s Shave Ice as well as helped in the build out and launch of the new Chicken in a Barrel at Waimea Plantation Cottages. Interns helped remove old adornments of the restaurant to make way for the new renovations to create a local atmosphere, demonstrating their artistic skills by drawing a free-handed chalk design menu, and hanging a skyscape of surf boards from the ceiling in the dining room area.

In addition to the help they offer our ministry, they are also serving in our community at various schools, churches, and organizations.

Our interns are creating a memorable mark on all the pieces that make up Makanalani, and a lasting mark on our hearts with their joyful ability to be of service to the community.