So yeah, the weekly update has morphed into a bi-monthly update…But hey, give us a break here, just check out these pics and you’ll see that we were like seriously crazy busy with the main business of Makanalani – the kids, the kids, the kids!!!

Yes, it has been Kid Season since the end of May and, with the help of our fantastic Makanalani Interns, we hosted over 600 Hawaiian kids of all ages who would otherwise not have had a chance to experience a camp.  And based on what the kids told us, they had the experience of a lifetime – friends, fun, nature, farm life, games, love and more love!

Wherever they came from, these special guests to Makanalani have gone home knowing that life CAN be different, that they are not bound by the circumstances in which they find themselves, that love can be found everywhere, and that unconditional love from their heavenly Dad is available always.

So have a tiny peek into camp life through these pics.  We cannot begin to give you the whole story, it’s just far too much, but we hope that you get the idea through these few pics.  Enjoy!!

donkeys at makanalani

The mini donkeys are always a big hit with the kids, and the kids (and the alfalfa they bring) are always a big hit with the donks!

Every year Able Ministries bring the special needs kids to Makanalani.  This year we hosted about 20 VIPs, 15 and older, along with helpers.  And of course, our interns were there to help, too.

Milking the cows (hiding) with Rich, and hearing all about the why’s and wherefores of milking and good animal husbandry.

Hiking around the farm and through the bush is always fun, rain or shine.

Games around the Kids House, hundreds of variations and inventions.

The firepit and lessons. S’More’s tonight!

Our MamaSan loving on the kids.

Board games on the lanai.

Getting sudsy on the slip n slide…an all time favorite Makanalani activity.

Campfire and toasty marshmallows…it just wouldn’t be camp without it.

And in case you think that we did not have time to also attend to all the back-office stuff that goes along with offering free camps to kids, you’re probably right, but here’s a brief summary of other things that kept us busy during the summer (no pics, sorry, those can come later).

The two JoJo’s stores had record sales and bottom line contributions to the kids camp through the summer months.  Our Waimea BBQ restaurant is starting to get a loyal and enthusiastic following.  We helped out with the Kauai flood relief, hosting workers for the amazing north shore Samaritan’s Purse crew.  Our second BBQ restaurant is nearing completion (with progress inversely proportional to the hair left on Eric’s head).  Our third JoJo’s store is getting close and should have its opening in the next few weeks.  We launched our line of North Shore Honey from hives here on our farm, raw, unfiltered, and mmm mmm good.  We had a full house of way cool interns for the summer session (see more at  And lastly, we reorganized and restaffed key areas of the Makanalani maintenance crew.

Now, as we gear up for our multiple shop openings and the second Fall Serve Session for our internship, we are looking for a few more interns! Our girl spots are full, but we have some spots left for guys. So if you know of a young adult who would like to live on Kauai for 3 months, making an impact in the community and helping to further the mission of Makanalani while growing in his faith, please send him our way! You can find more on our internship website by clicking the link below.