We appreciate all donations, however small.  All funds donated go directly to the maintenance & running costs of Makanalani so that we may continue to provide this haven for youth.

The founders fully funded the purchase and development of Makanalani’s 130 acre property and the buildings, as well as the farm operations, leaving no debt.  The major expenses to keep Makanalani open now include maintenance of its land and facilities, insurances and taxes.  We never ever charge for kids to attend, so we have to find other ways to keep Makanalani running.

We have several volunteers who give their time and resources to help Makanalani and to mentor the visiting youth, which helps to offset running costs.  We are now developing a smaller property nearby specifically to provide accommodation for volunteers, who can help us both with the kid’s programs as well as with ongoing maintenance. That property and its development is a separate project and separately funded, and although it’s sole purpose is to support Makanalani it does not draw from Makanalani funds at all.

We have also been building up a fully operating ranch that will help us to become more self sustaining.  We have a growing flock of over 300 sheep, a dozen milk cows and a citrus orchard that is now producing.  Income from the farm operations goes directly to help cover Makanalani costs. Value-added products from our farm are in development too. The farm operations also play a big part in the the kids program when they visit, and there are plans for day trips by schools.

Despite all the energy and activity that is going into making Makanalani more self sustaining, donations pay a very big part in the viability of Makanalani and its pledge to continue free camps for youth.  One hundred percent of your donation will go directly to keep Makanalani open and to the kids that visit here—please help if you can.

Would You Like to Help?

Makanalani depends on donations to provide this facility to the children.

Any donation, large or small, is gratefully appreciated.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: makanalanikids@gmail.com

Non-profit 501(C)3 details:

Makanalani Kids, a Hawaiian non-profit corporation

Federal Tax ID number:  45-5079924